gilang mentawai tawuran toba afterbirth
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Toba & Taboo

(on going project)

The morning has left when I approach the Jabu Bolon (Batak traditional house) which keeps the memory of the past. The place is surrounded by thatch. The Bataknese say Jabu Bolon is not just a house, but it is a symbol of history itself, and stories as ancient as spells being pronounced.

For the owner, however, the history has no whatsoever meaning anymore, as he offers the place in exchange for a price. It is the low price I found so ridiculous that I could not match the amount thatch in the roof of Jabu Bolon.

They seem to forget that Toba is not just a water-filled caldera, but Toba—as believed by the Bataknese—is the place where their ancestor landed when they descended from heavens above. It was never too late for Toba, before everyone agrees to break the taboo by selling and dump their belief.

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